Joe Jessup – July 19, 2023: I worked with Netto for two and a half years. Definitely the best trainer I’ve worked with. He helped me get stronger and improve my overall health. Most importantly he was interested and attentive to my training needs through out, and was able to consistently keep me motivated.

Raymond J Croteau III – July , 2023: Netto is hands down the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. I went into working with Netto hoping to simply learn how to use gym machines and just get in shape. I’m 43 and previous attempts of getting comfortable in a gym never really worked.

What i received from Netto was a working knowledge of the fundamentals of muscle growth, taught within the scope of simple but vastly important exercises that I had done before but definitely not in the proper fashion, delivered in a way that was approachable for a novice like me. He made our sessions interesting and specifically catered to what I needed mixed in with just the right amount of difficult. The knowledge and passion that Netto brings to his sessions is infectious. Not only did he help to get me in shape but he taught me the lessons I need to maintain a level of fitness both in the gym and outside.

I personally can’t imagine a more incredible personal trainer than Netto. He literally helped to change my life and I am forever in his debt.

Gayle Grything – July 14, 2023: Netto is a top notch trainer. I started working with him during the height of the CV pandemic, as a way to stay in shape and to deal with hip pain and weakness from arthritis. I didn’t know that it would change my life! He was my intro to the benefits and importance of strength training as I age. It’s kept me strong and reduces injury in activities I love.

Netto listens to what you need and makes it fun, varied and interesting!

Sam O’Dell – July 3, 2023: I trained with Netto for nearly two years and really cannot recommend him strongly enough!

He has a real gift for making working out fun, and he excels at listening to his client’s needs and putting together workouts that meet those needs, from reaching certain goals to avoiding aggravating old injuries.

One of the most important things to me when looking for a trainer is their ability to coach my form and keep me injury-free. (I’ve had back issues in the past and have no desire to reinjure myself!) It’s clear that Netto’s understanding of the human body is both deep and practical. He has no trouble coming up with alternatives to exercises that don’t work well for me, and his input on my form for the main 3 powerlifting moves (squat, bench press, and deadlift) has been incredibly helpful.

I’ve been absolutely floored by the progress I’ve made while working with him. I’ve made huge jumps in my strength for all my lifts (my 300# deadlift being my personal favorite), added a ton of muscle, and improved my cardio health to the point where I can run up a few flights of stairs and not want to die after 🙂

Most importantly, as someone with a history of disordered eating, Netto is open to tailoring his approach to whatever works for his client. If you don’t want to talk about the number on the scale, there’s no pressure to do so, which I really appreciate.

So, if you’re looking for someone who will make working out fun and help you make incredible gains in your physical fitness, Netto is the first person I’d recommend.

Vibha Gunjal – July 6, 2023: I trained with Netto for close to two years before moving out of Seattle. Netto was the most encouraging, patient, friendly trainer I’ve come across through any fitness setting. He has a strong understanding of what a good workout means based on your personal goals and tailors each session accordingly. He starts you out with the basics and ensures you have solid foundational knowledge before moving on to more advanced/heavier lifts. If you have questions, an injury, or just need a modification he always has an alternative ready to go.

On a personal note, Netto is an extremely kind and compassionate human being. He will never judge you and legitimately wants to see you progress towards your goals. His attitude is fitness for all with a personalized approach.

I’m so thankful to have worked with him and feel stronger and more capable at the gym because of Netto- had I stayed living in Seattle I would have loved to continue working with him. Working with Netto will not just change your body, it will change your outlook towards fitness and push the boundaries of what you believe you’re capable of accomplishing.

Ethan Macey-Cushman – July 6, 2023: Working with Netto was, more than anything else, what got me out of quarantine. I was in high school at the time, and months of isolation had brought me to a singularly low place; he knows what he’s doing, he gave me the support I needed, and he can do the same for you.

Baibhav Krishna – July 6, 2023: Netto is the best trainer I have worked with. He had in-depth knowledge of the nuances of strength training and general fitness, which reflected in the tips and tricks he shared during workouts. He constantly encouraged me to improve my fitness and pushed me to find new limits with the right form. His coaching helped me improve muscle mass and get a leaner physique. I was also able to improve my stamina. I would highly recommend working with Netto for your physical fitness goals!

Ernesto Rodriguez Mahr – July 3, 2023:Excellent!!!! Many thanks Netto!!